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Fallout Shelter download PC | Fallout Shelter cheat

Fallout Shelter download PC for free

Fallout Shelter download PC: With the exponential deterioration of the climate and continuous political turmoil throughout the globe, the doomsday may be coming faster than you would imagine. And Bethesda’s first venture in mobile gaming can give you a taste of what our lives can be in such a scenario. If you are an adventure game lover then you should play the game, you will surely love it. You can also check out fallout shelter cheat and fallout shelter tips to play it in a better way.

A fallout shelter is directly related to the famed Fallout series but does not expect the fast-paced, sci-fi, mutant-hunting mayhem found in the original series. In the mobile version, Bethesda has opted to go with a strategic resource management genre that is extremely popular among mobile gamers.


About the Game:

Name of the gameFallout Shelter
Initial release date14 June 2015
GenreConstruction and management simulation
Producer(s)Craig Lafferty
DevelopersBethesda Game Studios, Behaviour Interactive
PlatformsAndroid, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
DesignersIstvan Pely, Emmanuelle Hardy-Senecal, Janick Neveu, Tomas Henriquez

How to play the game?

The graphics are very basic but they do serve their intended purpose very well. The whole game is designed in a 2D environment and almost feel like one of old school side-scrolling titles.

In the game, you are in charge of a vault and your responsibility is to expand it as much as possible while keeping the residents happy. There are numerous building options available and each serves a different purpose. To maximize production, compatible residents must be assigned to each room and resources must be collected manually every time. This can be fun initially but can get very frustrating when you have a large number of rooms.

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You are awarded the in-game currency called ‘Caps’ every time you complete an achievement or one of your residents level up. You can also get Caps sometimes while collecting resources but that solely depends on the luck of the assigned resident.

Fallout Shelter download pc

The residents can also be sent to explore the wastelands which can improve their skills fast but involves the risk of getting them killed in the hands of many mutant beasts that roams the area.

Fallout Shelter tips:

While all of that sounds very mundane and easy, in truth, that’s not the case. Planning the rooms and assigning appropriate residents to compatible rooms requires a careful approach. Poor planning or assignment can lead your vault to a resource shortage or a mutant invasion, both equally deadly for the dwellers. The game is certainly not a brain-twister but it’s not a walk in the park either.

Most of the games in this genre either test your patience or work in a buy-to-win model. But that’s not the case for Fallout Shelter. While spending a few bucks at the beginning of the game may look like a decent option, you won’t feel the same as you progress to higher levels. It doesn’t make you wait for days and you simply can’t win by only buying stuff with real money. Or you can also download Fallout Shelter mod apk so that you can get unlimited coins in the game.

However, Bethesda could have done a much better job in designing the gameplay interface and mechanics. Infestations and raids are very easy to handle once you get a hang of it and at the later stage of the game, they just become an unwanted annoyance. There is a no certain target to look up to and after a week or so, it is bound to get boring.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Size of the Game: Size of the game fallout shelter various for different OS.
  • Price of the game: It is available for free now. Download link is present below.
  • Does it contain a virus? No! it doesn’t contain any virus.

Fallout shelter cheat:

You can find cheat about the games on YouTube. There are lots of tips which you can apply to play the game in a better way. You can check the fallout shelter tips here.

How to download the game?

  1. The game is available for both Android and iOS.
  2. Bethesda has also recently ported it for Windows, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox making it available across all major platforms.


In a nutshell, Fallout Shelter is truly a free-to-play game. You can play it without paying any money. There are better strategy titles available which have a better storyline and goals but they definitely won’t offer you the true free to play experience of Fallout Shelter. So before downloading the game, you can check out the fallout shelter review.

Fallout Shelter download link:

You can download the game from the official website. You can get the Fallout Shelter download link in the below section.


If you face any problem or want more about the game then you can contact us from here.

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