Mario Kart Tour download
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Mario Kart Tour download | beta | apk

Mario Kart Tour download | beta | apk

Mario Kart Tour download: It is one of those games which you want to play again and again. Fans of the widely popular Mario Kart game series were overjoyed when Nintendo announced on 31st January 2018. And they would be introducing a smartphone version of the game, Mario Kart Tour, by the end of March 2019. You can now enjoy Mario Kart Tour beta version. It is also available in Mario Kart Tour apk for Android Smartphones also.

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However, they delayed the release date and pushed back to summer 2019. This game is the result of the collaboration between Nintendo and mobile developer DeNa. Both companies have created several games under this partnership including Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

The Mario Kart Tour Beta was launched on 22nd May and went on till 7th June. However, this was exclusive to Android users in the U.S and Japan. It has received mixed reactions from the few select that were able to play the Beta version. While the players are provided with the options of auto-accelerate and smart steering in the original versions, it is mandatory in the mobile version, making it troublesome for regular players but useful for new players. Mario Kart tour Japan or you can say Mario Kart tour Tokyo is also really popular among the gamers.

Mario Kart Tour download

About Mario Kart Tour apk:

MarioKart Tour, a famous spin-off from the Super Mario games, a go-kart styled game where the player gets to choose their favorite characters from the Mario series who in turn end up driving a go-kart in a series of challenging maps designed by Nintendo.

History of the game:

The Mario Kart series picked up steam back in in 1992 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System to critical and commercial success. Since 1992, the Mario Kart series made appearances on every console. Nintendo ever made and the games were all commercially successful, but some failed to impress critics.

Ever since Sony, a major competitor in the gaming industry released the PlayStation Portable, which to date, is one the best handheld gaming consoles ever to be made,  took the mantle of the best handheld console ( Gameboy Advance) from Nintendo. And ever since they struggled to keep up with Sony’s sales, which in turn hit their gaming sales also. The new Mario games, made for the Wii and wiiU, even though made with the best gaming engines available at the time, couldn’t make enough sales to justify its budget.

To gain some user base back and to once again compete on a healthy level with its competitors, Nintendo in 2015 planned on playing by their strengths and announced two new platforms that they were planning on developing their in-house games in the future. The first one was the Nintendo switch ( as of writing this article, Nintendo outsold both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One in terms of number of units sold and in amount money it made too according  to a survey conducted by NPD Group) and the second platform they wanted to heavily invest on was on a device that everyone had in this age and time, a Smartphone.

One aspect where every gaming company in the industry struggles in is user acquisition. When a company makes in house game tiles with huge budgets and amazing engines but have no users to sell it to, that will lead to a lot of losses.

Development of the game:

Nintendo solved that problem by hitting two birds with a single stone. And they gained a huge market by making accessible smartphone games. And they introduced a handheld gaming console for people for those were impressed by the games Nintendo made on mobile devices. (hence the very good Switch sales).

Nintendo started their entire smartphone side of things by introducing Super Mario Run in an Apple keynote back in September 2016. At first, it was only for Apple but later on, they released it for Android in March 2017. The game received critical acclaim for easy to use game mechanics and good graphics. But the game received a lot of flak for it’s expensive, “one purchase to access all” system.

About Mario Kart Tour Beta Version:

Nintendo plans on hitting a home run with Mario Kart tour for smartphones. This game began development back in 2018. It was initially expected to hit Android and iOS devices in March of 2019 but was pushed back to mid-2019.

Mario Kart Tour release date:

Nintendo announced a “closed beta” for Mario kart tour in Japan and USA in May 2019. The closed beta received a lot of negativity and flak for its microtransaction system which forces a user to play the game in its entirety and to play it with their favorite Mario characters. As of this article’s writing, Nintendo announced Mario Kart Tour in 2019. The game is free to download from the google play store. And Apple’s app store but WILL involve a heavy amount of in-game microtransactions.

First adopters who were lucky enough to get into the closed beta were happy with the graphics and the easy “one-touch” controls. For more closer impressions, we will have to wait for the game to release, at least as a public beta. Let’s hope Nintendo pulls off a stunner and finally release a hit game that they have been clearly waiting for a while.

Mario Kart Tour download:

You can download the game from the official website after Mario Kart Tour release date. But for now, you can enjoy the Mario Kart Tour beta version in your PC. Or you can go for Mario Kart Tour apk for you smartphones after the game goes official.



According to a Wall Street tech reporter, the game will be free to start and is likely to include ways of spending actual money to progress or unlock new features. The rest of the features of the game will be revealed when the game releases this summer and fans are impatient to know how the final version will turn out to be.

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