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Minecraft Earth Download | Review

Minecraft Earth Download | Review

Minecraft Earth Download: “Create, Collect, Collaborate and Explore.” These are few of the many objectives gaming giant Mojang aims to achieve amongst its community followers and avid enthusiasts of the widely successful game called ‘Minecraft.’ Download the Minecraft Earth from below.

Looks can be highly deceptive and what better an example than that of ‘Minecraft’- the game that shook the world of open-world simulations and in no time found itself as the 2nd most top-selling game after Tetris having sold over 176 million copies. Some might get overwhelmed by such success but developers ‘Mojang’ are looking to scale new heights with their recent announcement of the next variant called ‘Minecraft Earth.’

Minecraft Earth Release date:

Mojang on 17 May 2019 announced the upcoming release of the augmented reality sandbox game titled ‘Minecraft Earth.’ The initial release of the free to play Android and iOS compatible game is scheduled for summer 2019 with Microsoft already having created an online platform for people to sign up and customize their in-game skins.

The game incorporates features of the pre-existing Minecraft platform and brings to it the additional feature of augmented reality making it a more indulging experience for the user. Collaborations with OpenStreetMap and Microsoft Azure give the game a stable platform to capitalize on along with the recently added feature of physical features such as lakes and trees being taken into account to avoid interference and reduce mishaps.

The most awaited feature has to be the ability to create 3D holograms using the tabletop mode indulging all age groups. The game also promises to its users the freedom to not only add shape to their imagination but also share your creations with other users fostering interoperability.

How to play the game?

For those who aren’t overly fond of change, the latest variant does retain much of the original features including the original bricks as well as mobs. Filled with mini-adventures,  Mojang aims at making ‘Minecraft Earth’ an all-inclusive experience catering to the needs for all sorts of gamers while also serving as a learning tool for the young providing them with a platform to express their minds.

Despite all the hype around the yet to be disclosed release date, developer Mojang has faced flak from critics accusing the makers of imitating the footsteps of previously released ‘PokemonGo’ which was the first augmented reality game to go viral to the extent that some hailed it as the innovation of the decade.

Yet the not so glamorous side of game development can be seen in the duration for which the game lasted. Games have become more of an infatuation than a sustained interest making today’s market a very competitive one. When asked to comment on the aforementioned topics Mojang simply asked the critics to first play the game and then comment.

Minecraft Earth Download link:

Minecraft Earth download link is present in the below section.


As of now, a closed beta version is due to be released in the summer with exact dates yet to be declared. Notwithstanding the game has enthusiasts of both open-world gaming and augmented reality communities eagerly awaiting further developments. The main marketing features to look out for will be the publicity campaign and the approach to the market that Mojang has in store for the free to play the game. Experts have already predicted previously unparalleled levels of success but till such time the game launches all theories remain mere speculation. But before downloading check out the review of Minecraft Earth.


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