Slay the spire Nintendo switch
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Slay The Spire Nintendo switch

Slay The Spire Nintendo switch

Slay The Spire Nintendo switch: It is one of the best game for Nintendo Switch. It was developed by American Studio MegaCrit and published by Humble Bundle. The company first released the game in early access in November 2017. And given the early access version helped the developers. In spotting and removing bugs and errors from the game and then Slay The Spire was officially released in January 2019. You can get the Slay The Spire Switch download link below.

Important Points of Slay The Spire:

  • It is one of the best game for Nintendo Switch.
  • It is an action game.
  • Players above 14 years are recommended to play the game.

About Slay The Spire:

The elements of both, Roguelike and Deckbuilding card game, are presented to us in an intricately designed and a deliberately balanced way. Every time you lose a game you learn something new about your character, which gives you a feeling of accomplishment rather than failure and makes you want to try again.

There are three leading characters in the game, from which you can choose anyone and play along its path. “The Iron-Clad” is a sword-wielding soldier, “The Defect” is a futuristic character and last but not the least, “The Silent”, a huntress with a poisonous dagger. No matter which character you choose, the game always begins with a basic deck. The spire leads to multiple paths and the player has to make their way up to the spire through fighting enemies and solving puzzles. There are close to limitless possibilities in the game, allowing the player to experiment with different strategies in every game. The player has to adapt to what is given to him along the way. There are No Timers in the game, giving the players time to strategize peacefully, without any rush. The gameplay is easy to learn and difficult to master. Check out the price of Slay The Spire game from here.

How to play the game?

Slay the spire switch

Going deeper into the game, you discover Relics of immense power, where the danger lies in getting these relics as you might have to take a curse with it. The idea of the game is to build a good deck and a curse could hinder the process of deck building. The deck can also be shaped by changing cards through a merchant present in the game. For competitive players, there is a leaderboard option which keeps on updating the highest scores in the region.

On average, it takes up to an hour to complete a level. The puzzle-like fights are challenging and keep on getting harder with each level. The animation of the game can only be considered as ‘Basic’ though this fact has been overshadowed by the impeccable gameplay.

For those who do not prefer the low pace of the base game can go for the Customizable mode. This mode allows you to customize and pre-build your deck in order to try out all the combos. You couldn’t try in a basic game. It also allows you to add new characters and game modes, giving a decent amount of content to the game.

Slay The Spire switch Price:

The game is available on Steam for a price of ₹569, and if you’re lucky, you can buy it on sale for half the price. It even has quite an audience on the game streaming platform known as Twitch. This streaming platform is widely popular amongst the gaming community.

Slay The Spire switch download:

If you want to play then you can get it from the official website. The link of Slay The Spire switch download is present below.



In conclusion, I can only say that Slay The Spire is a delightful mixture of Roguelikes, Dungeon crawlers, and deckbuilding games. It gave birth to a new genre of games which has inspired many developers into making similar games. And its players a chance to adapt along the way. Therefore encouraging the player to experiment with cards and combos. It is a perfectly balanced combat that makes the players coming back for more.

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